You live in a state where we can save you money when selling, buying (including building new construction) or both!

We will contact local real estate agents to help you with your real estate needs.

The process is quite simple.

You complete questions based on whether you are Buying (which includes building new construction), Selling, or both.  Click the box that best describes your real estate need below to get started.

Your state doesn't ban or restrict rebates or lower listing fees, so you can utilize any of the 3 columns.  If you are just buying or building new construction, you would look at column X, the blue column.  You would look at your price range and look at the corresponding rebate percentage, this is a percentage of the commission that you would receive as a rebate, which usually is a credit toward your closing costs, and some builders may allow it to be applied toward upgrades. 

If you are just selling, then column Y is the column you want to look at, the green column.  This would be your maximum listing fee charged by the local agent we refer you to.  Saving you a lot of money vs. a 6 or 7% listing fee.

If you are selling and buying or building within roughly a 25 mile radius, you have 2 options... you can either work with 2 different agents, one for selling, one for buying or building and utilize columns X and Y.  Or, you could use the same agent for both selling and buying/building and either utilize columns X and Y, or, column Z.  Column Z allows you the maximum discount on your listing fee and no rebate on the buy or build side.

We will find a local agent (or agents) that will agree to the fees and rebates in the chart above.  Not all agents or brokerages can or will agree to the chart, and some may negotiate a bit, but, we feel we have negotiated the best fees and rebates in this chart, upfront, and our goal is to find you a local agent that will also agree to the fees and rebates in the chart. 

No negotiating on your part, we contact the agent directly and see what they are willing to do for you.  You remain anonymous during the process, and it’s free. 

Once we know your general real estate needs and once we find a local agent for you to work with, we will be able to give you more details of what your savings could be, before you move forward with working with the agent!