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Welcome to Get a Rebate Real Estate! Working with us saves you money when buying, building and/or selling residential real estate in the 13 county Metro areas of Minneapolis/St. Paul.

Get a Rebate Real Estate is a full service real estate company and you work directly with the owner and broker of the company, David Prouty.


If you are looking to buy any residential property or land for sale we can save you money by giving you a rebate of part of our commission that the seller pays, again, the seller pays our commission and we give a portion of it to you just for working with us.  Whether it's a house, a townhouse, a condo, a vacation home, land, acreage, a farm, bank owned property etc.


Same for building new construction, the builder pays our commission and we will give you a rebate from that commission, it's true money in your pocket, contact us to see how.  We just need to be with you on your initial visit to the builder (sometimes if we step in after a few visits we can still make it work), and the builder pays our commission and we give part of it to you, it's literally that easy.


There are certain steps that need to be taken to make sure we don't accidentally commit mortgage fraud or violate federal, state or local laws.  There are several people that need to be aware of the rebate and some that you probably wouldn't have imagined, but we have been doing rebates for well over 15 years now and we changed our name to Get a Rebate Real Estate and purchased the website in 2009.  We are committed and dedicated to saving people money and we know how to do this properly and legally, we literally changed our name to Get a Rebate Real Estate!


It's simple to see how much we can save you... just email and tell us what your real estate goals are and we can show you how we can save you money, represent your best interests along the way, and maybe even have fun doing it.  Email me today!


On the sell side, we offer things that no other brokerage anywhere I am aware of offers.  We give a rebate of part of the commission paid by the seller to the buyer of that property.  The buyer is the most important part of the sale, and we reward them for choosing your home to buy.  It's a great marketing technique and literally no one else does it, we are the ones that created it.  You still pay less than most large brokerages when selling and we can show you in about 20 minutes how exactly it works, how it sets your listing apart and how it can help us sell your home quickly and for top dollar!


We also don't charge any junk fees which some brokerages call "admin fees" of a few hundred dollars to several hundred dollars.  When you work with us, you save that instantly, right off the bat.


Real Estate is an interesting business.  Agents don't get paid unless and until a property closes.  Whether you are buying, building or selling, all commission is typically paid at closing.  It's our job to take care of you in this complicated process and as the owner and broker of Get a Rebate Real Estate I promise to be honest with you, up front with you and to be ethical, period.  And save you money while doing it. 

If you want to save money and feel good about your real estate transaction... 

Prouty has been in the top 5% of all Mn Realtors for the most properties sold and the highest value of properties sold. He is a multiple year winner of being named Super Real Estate Agent by Twin Cities Business and MPLS ST PAUL Magazines. He and his company were nominated for the Better Business Bureau Torch Award of Ethics, 2 years in a row! They have a Better Business Bureau A+ Rating and are Accredited. Prouty is also one of the less than 3% of all Realtors Nationwide to hold the CRS (Certified Residential Specialist) designation. He has been featured in Top Agent Magazine. He has also been chosen as a Distinguished Real Estate Professional for his experience and dedication to to the real estate industry by Noticed, and invitation only service. 

Contact me today! or, call or text me at 612-860-1537

Thanks! I look forward to working with you!

David Prouty

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