We can help you find and buy your next home and save you money while doing so. We represent your best interests and give you a rebate!

If you are looking to buy any residential property or land for sale we can save you money by giving you a rebate of part of our commission that the seller pays, again, the seller pays our commission and we give a portion of it to you just for working with us. 


Whether it's a house, a townhouse, a condo, a vacation home, land, acreage, a farm, bank owned property etc.


Same for building new construction, the builder pays our commission and we will give you a rebate from that commission, it's true money in your pocket, contact us to see how. 


We just need to be with you on your initial visit to the builder (sometimes if we step in after a few visits we can still make it work), and the builder pays our commission and we give part of it to you, it's literally that easy.

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What is a rebate & where does it come from?

That's a great question. It's money that is credited to you as a rebate on your closing documents. It comes from our commission. The commission is typically paid by the seller/builder of the home/property you are buying. 

So basically you get an instant rebate/credit which lowers the amount of money you need to bring to closing. As an example, if you qualified to receive a rebate of $3,000 and you closed the transaction with us, versus working with another agency who charges a $495 admin fee... you would bring $3,495 less money to closing working with us versus working with them buying the exact same house at the exact same terms.


So, it's kind of a BIG deal.

Here are some great examples of the REBATES you could receive!

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BUY a $175,000 property


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BUY a $350,000 property

Buyer is currently active military, doctor, nurse, teacher, police officer, etc.


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BUILD a $725,000 property

Look at less than 8 home options before you start building.


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BUY a $2.5 million property


*Amount of rebate can vary and will depend on certain restrictions, qualifications and locations.

Contact us to find out exactly how much your rebate will be. 

SELLING? We can save you even more! 

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