Can I usually get a rebate when I build a home with a builder/ new construction?

Yes!  The rebate comes from the commission almost all builders pay the agent working with the Buyer!  The agent just needs to be there with you, preferably on your first visit with the builder’s representative.


Is there a cost for this service?

There is no cost as a buyer and/or seller, it’s free.  We get a small referral fee from the agent we set you up with, once your transaction(s) close successfully.


Can I specify what agent you contact to work with me?

Yes, you can specify a brokerage and/or even a specific agent and we will see if they would agree to the lower fees and/or rebates.  Not all brokerages or agents will, so it’s possible we would need to find someone different that would, but we will certainly try.


Will I have any tax implications for getting a rebate?

According to a tax attorney, a rebate is not a taxable event, it just lowers the cost of the home you are buying or building.  You will want to check with your accountant to confirm, but it’s usually a credit to you at closing so there are no funds exchanging hands, just like seller concessions, which are not taxable.  We are not accountants, so make sure to check with your accountant.


I am already working with an agent, can I still get a rebate?

Typically, no.  We would need to hook you up with a local agent to be able to get the rebate.  So it’s best to complete the questions with us before you sign on with an agent on your own.


Why would an agent want to give me a rebate?

We have set it up so there is no marketing cost to the agent we refer you to.  Instead of spending money on marketing that may or may not get them business, this is business that they only give you the rebate or lower listing fees at time of closing, which is when they would make money after paying you the rebate and us the referral fee.  A true win win!  Not all agents can or will agree to the rebates and lower listing fees however, let us find a local agent for you, for free, that will!


I am looking to buy a vacation home, does this work for that as well?

Yes, absolutely!  Any residential real estate including new construction, existing homes, townhouses, condos, investment homes, 2nd homes, vacation homes, foreclosures, short sales, etc.  We can even try to help you find an agent and get you the discounts and rebates on commercial property.  Feel free to contact us with questions!