We help find a local real estate agent that will agree to the rebates and lower listing fees as outlined in this chart.

You don’t do anything different but enjoy the savings.  Get a Rebate Real Estate will assist you and your agent to make sure the proper steps are taken to secure the rebate.  If you are financing the transaction your lender must approve of the rebate, and there are certain guidelines that need to be followed and not exceeded.  Get a Rebate Real Estate can help you and your agent with these necessary steps.

In the states that allow rebates (40 of the 50) you are able to enjoy the savings in all 3 columns (X, Y or Z).  In the states that ban rebates, you are able to enjoy the savings in columns Y and Z only.  We can still refer you to an agent for just buying/building in those 10 states, but no rebate would be allowed.

Column X is for those people that are just buying an existing home, or, building a new home.  The rebate is determined by going to the price range of the home you plan to buy or build and then looking to see what the rebate amount would be under column X, the blue column.  The rebate is a percentage of the commission received.  For example, if you were buying or building a $650,000 property, you could receive 30% of the commission as a rebate (usually a credit toward your closing costs) and the agent you work with would get 70% of that commission (well, the agent's brokerage would get the commission and then they would split it with that agent as they have agreed to do).

Column Y is for those people that are just selling.  The agent we refer you to will agree to the listing commission noted above.  They must pay out 2.7% of the total commission to the agent/brokerage that brings in the buyer.  It is possible that the listing agent/brokerage does find the buyer (called dual agency in many states) and then they would receive the entire commission.  To determine what your listing fee could be, you look at the price range and look under column Y, the green column, to see what your listing fee would be.  Vs. a 6% or 7% listing fee, the savings can be substantial.  This column works for sellers in all 50 states.

Column Z is a unique column and can work for anyone in all 50 states.  Since 10 states ban rebates on the buy side, this is the best way to save you money when you are able to, and use, the same agent for both your selling transaction and your buying transaction (including new construction).  For example, let's say you are selling a $290,000 property and building a $450,000 property.  There would be no rebate on the buy side, but, your commission is lowered even more to save you more on the sell side.  You would look at the highest of the 2 sales prices (so $450,000) and look at column Z, the red column, to see what your listing fee would be, in this case, just 4.43%!  That's a huge savings vs. a 6 or 7% listing fee and is true money in your pocket since you literally keep that money in your pocket because you are paying less in selling fees. 

All of the columns are great because you don't have to do any negotiating, we have done it all for you, up front!

If you are selling and buying in one of the 40 states that allows rebates, you can use 2 different agents, one for selling and one for buying, and utilize columns X and Y.  Or, you can work with the same agent and utilize column Z.  You can actually work with the same agent and still utilize columns X and Y if you prefer.  If you live in a state that bans rebates, then your best option, if possible, is to work with the same agent for both transactions and utilize column Z, the red column.  We can still refer you to an agent for buying in those 10 states, but just no rebate would be allowed.

The process is simple.

Based on how you answer the questions, we will get to work to find you a local real estate agent that will save you money based on our chart.  Once we know your situation, we can give you some ideas of the kind of money you can expect to get as a rebate, where allowed, and/or save on your listing fees.

The service is 100% free to you.  The agent we find for you will pay us a small referral fee if and when your transaction closes successfully.

Here are some possible savings scenarios/example:

1.       Buyer buying a $275,000 home in a state that allows rebates with a 2.7% payout could get a rebate of around $1,485.00!

2.       Buyer, purchasing a home for $440,000 in a state that allows rebates.  The approximate rebate, based on a 2.7% payout could be $2,970.00!

3.       Seller, selling a home anywhere in the United States, sales price of the home is $575,000.  The savings vs. a 6% listing fee would be roughly $7,187.50!

4.       Seller, located in any of the 50 states, also buying within roughly a 25 mile radius of each other, uses the same agent.  Sales price on home sold is $475,000.  Price of home purchased or built is $600,000.  The savings on the listing fees would be roughly $8,835.00 vs. a 6% listing fee!

As you can see, the savings can be substantial.  This is still full service real estate with local real estate professionals in your area.

This works for new construction too!  For example, if you are building a $750,000 home and we hook you up with a local agent to help you and the builder is paying out a 2.7% commission, your rebate could be $6,075!  Just think of the upgrades you could afford with this basically free money to you!

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