Rebate + Discounted listing fee = More money in your pocket at closing!

The goal of any seller is to sell as quickly as possible, and for TOP dollar.


We have been doing this since 1997 so we have a process in place that brings results.


We don't get paid unless your home sells for an amount and terms you agree to. This is our motivation to go above and beyond each and every time!


We charge you less so you keep more money in your pocket!


One unique marketing technique we use is offering a rebate to the buyer of your home. As you can imagine, this gets a buyer's attention, thus more attention to your home.

We use the latest technology for showings and electronic boxes.

We can block any days or times so no one can even attempt to show your home during those times.

Our lock boxes record who has opened it, only Realtors can gain access and only during certain times of the day, typically 8 am to 10 pm, with an approved showing. 

You are able to approve showings directly from your phone.


15 Minute Challenge

Give me 15 minutes to walk through your home to take notes and do a FREE market analysis on your home.

Get the following:

  • Detailed market analysis of your home and the suggested list price range.

  • Seller's net sheet, showing you what to expect to receive at closing at a few different sales prices.

  • Our fee, if you choose to list your home for sale with Get a Rebate Real Estate.

Nationwide, we can help!

Selling, Buying or Building, we have you covered. 

Even if you are doing one of them in Minnesota and the other in a different state, we can help find an agent in that state to help you save...

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